25 February 2013

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Improved safety for residential sector with DSC’s new PC1404 range

Six out of ten South Africans fear burglary more than any other crime, and feel less safe in their homes than they did a year ago, according to Statistics SA’s 2012 Victims of Crime report.

“This is hardly surprising considering that the South African Police Service (SAPS) recorded more than 245 000 burglaries in homes throughout the country during the 2011/2012 financial year,” says Zane Greeff, technical director for Elvey Security Technologies. “And the more so since many of these incidents were accompanied by high levels of violence, including murder, rape and assault.”

Crime is one of the key drivers underpinning the growing trend for townhouse living, he continues.  “People feel safer living behind electric fencing, high walls and within shouting distance of their neighbours.  The truth, however, is that townhouses are just as vulnerable to crime as freestanding houses if residents don’t take responsibility for their own security.  Criminals are everywhere, watching for the weak links in security chains that will allow them access to supposedly secure environments.  Corrupt or intimated guards, malfunctioning electric fencing, pedestrian gates left open, and even rogue tenants, all serve to undermine home security. ”

To this end, he welcomes the release of DSC’s new PowerSeries PC1404 alarm panel, and PC1404RKZ keypad, which he believes will take security to the next level for smaller residential properties.

Among the latest additions to Elvey’s already-impressive range of security products, he lauds the PC 1404 range as cost-efficient, robust and reliable.  He’s also impressed with its ability to perform round-the-clock problem monitoring and its multiple false alarm prevention features.

This aesthetically pleasing, single partition panel comes standard with 4 zones and can be expanded to 8 zones if required, allowing for the addition of further detectors. Home owners can, through the use of outdoor detectors, detect trespasses outside the residence and will sound the alarm accordingly.  “Early warning devices that detect criminals in the garden or approaching the doors or windows are extremely effective in the fight against crime as they give residents that vital extra time to call for help,” says Ingo Mutinelli, national sales manager for Elvey Security Technologies. 

It can also accommodate up to four phone numbers and four keypads, which can be strategically placed throughout people’s homes.  The ultra-slim PC1404RKZ keypad, blends in with any décor style and their compact size makes them ideal for small spaces.  Designed for quick and easy installation, the housing includes an integrated wiring channel.

The keypad features 16 easy-to-read status lights and 12 input buttons.  In addition, owners have the option of adding a nightlight powered by two white on-board LEDs with adjustable brightness level, to allow for easy location of the keypad in the dark. 

Users need simply press and hold keys 1 and 3 simultaneously for two seconds to trigger a fire alarm, keys 4 and 6 for auxiliary, or keys 7 and 9 for panic, explains Mr Mutinelli.  The remaining keys can be programmed for simple, one-button functions such as stay, away and door chimes.

The control panel, with its 2 programmable outputs, can also be used to activate other devices, he notes.  Options include links to video verification equipment to record events the moment a zone is triggered, and to the monitoring station, whether via internet, long-range, high-powered VHF transmitter or alarm communicators such as the Bentel BGSM-G.  “GSM technology is ideal for use as a backup to a traditional PSTN phone line as it guarantees reliable, real-time communication,” he says, adding that the Bentel communicator can also be configured to send event-based SMS notifications to property owners and trigger other home automation functions as desired.

In addition, the PC1404 is expandable to 14 PGM through the use of expansion modules, and supports 2 or 4 wireless smoke detectors. 

The power in this particular alarm panel, says Mr Greeff, lies in its flexible zone configuration, which allows for 29 zone types and 11 programmable zone attributes.  It also boasts additional configurable options in its ability to support 39 individual user codes and one master code with six programmable user code attributes. The control panel also offers 128 event logs.

“The new DSC PC1404 range is the answer to the prayers of home owners, not least of all those living in townhouses and smaller homes, wanting to improve their personal security without breaking the bank,” concludes Mr Mutinelli. 



Prepared and submitted by Priyesh Jagjivan

Marketing Communications Officer

Elvey Security Technologies

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