03 September 2012


Hudaco record blanket drive honours Mandela Day


More than one thousand blankets were collected for under-privileged children by employees of the Hudaco Group in support of Mandela Day on 18 July 2012.


Mandela Day, which has been officially recognised throughout the world since 2008, is not only a tribute to South Africa’s ex-president, who turned 94 this year, but also a “call to action” for people to give to the less fortunate, explains Hudaco Group Human Resources and Transformation Executive, Mr. Jonny Masinga.


“The event, which acknowledges the 67 years of his life that Madiba gave to fighting for justice and human rights, calls for people to give 67 minutes of their time on that day to charity or to serving their communities in some way.  In so doing, they will be making the world a better place and accordingly ensuring that his legacy lives on.”


The Hudaco Group, which comprises of 17 businesses, set out this year to collect 250 quality blankets for Afrika Tikkun, an international non-government organisation (NGO) that provides education, health and social services to the under-privileged in South African townships.


“Our staff, who come from all walks of life, heeded – and exceeded - the call, collecting 1016 high-quality blankets,” says Mr. Masinga.  “It was an over-whelming response, made even more special when we delivered the blankets and witnessed first-hand the pure joy on the faces of each and every child in the four Afrika Tikkun Gauteng branches.”


Not only will the blankets provide much-needed warmth for children but they will also serve as a constant reminder that people care and that there is hope for the future, he believes.  “And maybe someday, in turn, they will be encouraged and in a position to do the same for others.”


He adds: “Mandela Day was a momentous occasion, not only for our company but also throughout South Africa and the rest of the world. Poverty, which is rampant in our country, is not an isolated government issue.  The answer lies in us all rolling up our corporate (and private sleeves) and doing whatever we can to make a difference.  I am so proud of our staff members who willingly and enthusiastically rolled up their sleeves to help those less fortunate.”






Written and prepared by Priyesh Jagjivan

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