20 April 2012


Perimeter Protection: the invisible fence becomes reality



While the methods of keeping criminals off one’s property have changed since medieval days (moats, flaming arrows and boiling water, to mention a few), the fundamental principles of perimeter security remain the same: to deter, detect, delay and deny.


And with the prevalence of illegal weapons, coupled with criminals’ scant regard for life in far too many headlining instances, consumer demand for early warning detection systems is at an all-time high.


That’s according to Mr. Ingo Mutinelli, national sales manager for Elvey Security Technologies, which distributes the world’s top security brands.  Among these is the AX-350/650TF series by Optex, designed to deliver exceptional performance in extremely sensitive conditions.  Dual photo beam sensors create an invisible barrier and offer four site-selectable frequencies that create a wall of coverage when stacked one on top of another.


Says Mr. Mutinelli: “Many people believe an alarm system connected to a control room for armed response purposes is the ultimate security solution.  They are forgetting or unaware of the fact that perimeter protection is the first line of defence and that the ultimate security solution is therefore a layered one comprising three levels of protection, namely the perimeter or boundary, the middle area and then the building.”


Noting a spike in his company’s year-on-year sales figures for early warning detection and perimeter protection systems, Mr. Mutinelli says this demand is being met by advanced, super reliable products from industry leaders such as Optex, which has deployed top-end security systems across the globe for more than 30 years.


Not too long ago, an invisible boundary wall existed only in story books, but today it’s a reality, says Mr. Mutinelli of Optex’s AX-350/650TF series.  Used with great effect to prevent criminals from gaining access to private premises, its photo beam sensors create an invisible fence and  will trigger an alarm in the event of a breach, thereby ensuring the heightened protection of people, products and vehicles.


Another impressive feature of the series is its dual beam, long-range sensors with external ranges of up to 200m and internal ranges of up to 400m.  This, says Mr.  Mutinelli, makes the product ideal for use in larger installations.  “I also like the fact that beam interruption time can be adjusted to fit any application,” he adds, pointing out that the beams can be set to differentiate between a falling leaf and a person climbing over a wall.


The AX-350/650TF series’ patented alignment technology (I.A.S.C.) allows for the transmitter to be programmed with alignment data, he notes further.  It is also responsible for the receiver’s easy ‘single-man' aiming capability, which dramatically reduces installers’ setup and alignment times. 


To further increase security, beam height and direction can be concealed inside beam towers.  The IP54-rated unit also boasts an improved electro-magnetic interface surge absorber and high-surge resistive relay which protects the beams from lightning and electrical surges. 


Through the use of D.Q circuitry, the system is able to send trouble signals when the beam strength drops below an acceptable level. The anti-frost structure helps prevent fog and heavy condensation from blocking the beams, which tend to create false alarms. An ardent advocate of Optex, Mr.  Mutinelli urges interested installers to contact any one of Elvey’s branches nationally for a free demonstration.







Prepared and submitted by Priyesh Jagjivan

Elvey Security Technologies

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