02 March 2012

MAXSYS: the leading choice for large industry security


Successful business owners will attest to the fact that hard work, passion and commitment are the cornerstones of their operations. 


Yet, in the absence of effective security systems, their efforts could end up being badly compromised, warns Zane Greeff, technical director for Elvey Security Technologies. 


“There was a time when building security options comprised little more than basic burglar alarms, coupled with simple motion and smoke detectors,” says Greeff.  “But in the face of rampant crime and increasingly determined and violent criminals, only a premium security system such as MAXSYS can be relied upon to protect one’s business, assets and personnel.”


In keeping with changing times and evolutionary technologies, he says DSC, one of the world’s leading security product manufacturers, has raised the bar with the release of its new MAXSYS system.  Equipped with a host of value-added safety features, MAXSYS can be relied upon to provide peace of mind for years to come.

Whatever one’s concerns, whether intrusion, fire, alarm communications, access control, automation, wireless/addressable expansion or structured cabling, DSC’s latest offering can be tailored to meet specific needs. “MAXSYS is truly a single-system solution ideal for use in commercial, industrial and institutional facilities, as well as in large or multi-level residential units,” says Greeff.


Elaborating, he says the PC4020 control panel comes standard with 16 on board zones but is easily expandable to 128 zones, through the use of hardwire and wireless modules. Designed to give property owners maximum flexibility, the system boasts eight partitions to allow bespoke grouping of alarm peripherals.  “This is an extremely handy feature for those wanting to arm only the top floor of a double-story building, or only the warehouse, so that workers in the office building can move around freely.”


With 1500 assignable user codes, up to sixteen hardwired keypads and a 3000 event buffer, the system is ideal for deployment in factories, distribution centres, mines, banks and large industries.


The control panel, with its 16 programmable outputs, can be used to activate other devices such as video verification equipment that allows for the recording of events the moment a zone is triggered. Another output could link the alarm panel to the monitoring station with the use of an internet or network alarm communicator.


Its network alarm communicator is a low-cost alternative to traditional, and often unreliable, phone line alarm communication, he notes further.  In addition, it supports both T-Link and GSM alarm communicators within existing Intranets (LAN/WAN) to ensure secure communication of alarm signals to a central monitoring station. This, he says, makes it ideal for large retail chains or campus-style installations where significant networks have already been established and are being used for a variety of purposes.

Cost-conscious business owners will be impressed with its internet alarm communicator, he adds.  This feature saves money by taking advantage of existing Internet/Intranet networks to create fully supervised security solutions between protected premises and the central monitoring station.  And from a security point of view, there is nothing to beat its industry-leading 128-bit AES encryption, which ensures the most secure Internet alarm communication possible.


For extremely large sites, the MAXSYS panel, in conjunction with a wireless receiver, can support 64 wireless zones, 16 wireless keys and up to eight back-up receivers.  Further, advanced products such as smoke detectors and a host of other detectors and modules are available for installation. Greeff says all wireless devices are fully supervised for communication integrity and can be configured according to the security needs of every imaginable circumstance, effectively doubling its level of protection. 


There is even a home/office automation module which, through the MAXSYS control panel, can be programmed to switch lights on and off automatically, according to a daily, weekend or monthly schedule.





Prepared and submitted by Priyesh Jagjivan

Elvey Security Technologies

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