24 January 2012

Dahua  All-Weather IR PTZ Dome Camera DH-SD6923-H




There is not enough darkness to hide an intruder on a property protected by Dahua’s new PTZ Dome Camera.


In fact, the product is so advanced that Valerie Bingham, product manager for Elvey Security Technologies, refers to it as the precursor “of the age of the super high resolution PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) dome surveillance camera”.


With its multiple features and strengths, the new DH-SD6923-H delivers more than most people would have dreamed possible from an infrared (IR) PTZ camera, she adds.  Noting premium features such as its high resolution (600TV lines) in black and white, 540TV lines in colour and 0.01 Lux, she says it is the perfect surveillance solution for schools, universities, office parks, business and a host of other sites.  What’s more, its modern casing ensures that it fits stylishly, yet unobtrusively, into any environment. 


The camera is equipped with a high performance 1/4” Sony Super-HAD II CCD sensor and the latest motion adaptive digital noise reduction (DNR 3D) technology.  This, coupled with its high resolution lines and 23x optical zoom, ensures that resulting image sharpness is unmatched - even at full zoom. 

The dome drive boasts a maximum pan speed of 240°/s and continuous pan rotation of 360°/s as well as auto flip, which allows the on-duty security controller to keep absolute control over the protected area.  The speed of the dome is set up according to the focal distance of the lens, and the auto rotation speed is adjusted in accordance with the lens zoom rate.  The dome offers up to 255 presets, including 5 auto scan, 8 tours and 5 pattern modes.

Installation is simple and cost-effective as a result of the auto recognition feature in software such as DH-SD and Pelco-P/D.  This software also makes it possible to control the various PTZ dome functions such as pan/tilt/zoom, presets, and camera settings. Additionally, the software can be set up to activate a preset, scan, tour or pattern in the event that no command is forthcoming in a specific time period.


Should the camera lose power at any point, the auto-restore will resume at the last known PTZ and lens settings.

Finally, its impressive IP66 rating means that users can enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that the camera has all-weather and 4000V thunder-proof protection.


Prepared and submitted by Priyesh Jagjivan

Elvey Security Technology

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