05 September 2011

The new HX-80N from Optex is a high mount outdoor passive infrared detector that provides the stability and reliability necessary for an outdoor PIR sensor. With a mounting height of 2.5 to 3 meters, any human being attempting to traverse the detection area will trigger the alarm.  What’s more, its two exclusive onboard pyro elements enable the HX to project a multi-layered detection pattern.  This allows it to distinguish accurately between humans and small animals.


The HX-80N's dual PIR's and 20 detection zones utilizes the upper and lower detection areas which has to be activated in order to generate an alarm condition. This technology helps to prevent false alarms caused by a pet or small animals. The HX Series detection length can be limited to avoid unwanted detection, and it's short range zones can be masked if needed. By limiting the detection range, false alarms due to unwanted movement of cars, persons or animals outside the protected area can be eliminated.


Suited to a variety of applications, from residential homes to commercial and storage sites, the HX80 detector provides area coverage of 24m x 2m.

Unlike indoor environments, outdoor terrain is often uneven, which can hinder detection performance.  However, the HX80, with its adjustable bracket, delivers optimal catch performance, regardless of the steepness of the slope. In addition the vegetation sway analysis monitors wave changes at all times and automatically cancels the signal caused by swaying plants.

The HX80 is also equipped with summer night compensation logic which is effective for severe environmental conditions. The HX series addresses this issue by the additional measurement of luminance levels as the environment changes and allows sensitivity to automatically sharpen to match variations in outdoor conditions.

The advanced temperature compensation allows the HX80 too accurately detect a human body. Often at high ambient temperatures, the difference between the background temperature and that of the human body is reduced, in these circumstances other outdoor passive infrareds might fail to detect the human body. The HX80 uses advanced temperature compensation to automatically increase the detectors sensitivity under high temperature conditions, especially where the background temperature ranges from 35 – 37 degrees centigrade, close to that of the human body. The HX80 will accurately detect the presence of an intruder.

The patented double conductive shielding technology utilises a special conductive  filter to cover the element window, allowing infrared energy to pass through, while blocking unwanted light. This reduces false alarm caused by reflected and direct sunlight.

Its active Infrared digital anti-masking feature ensures that, when an object is placed to close to the lens surface for a period of more than 180 seconds, it will generate a trouble signal.


The series is made up of two models.  The HX-80N and HX-80NAM (with anti-masking), are hard-wired while the HX-80NRAM model features anti-masking and small animal immunity and is battery operated for wireless applications.







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