04 April 2011

One of the most reliable and feature-rich entry level alarm systems on the market today, the DSC PC1808 has powered up its performance. 


As a result of a recent software upgrade, installers can now, by adding the PC5108 expander module to the keybus, upgrade the control panel to support 16 zones as opposed to the original eight.


Ideally suited to home and small business environments, the DSC PC1808 supports both wired and wireless applications.  For the latter, all’s that’s required is the installation of the RF5132-433 wireless receiver module, adding up to 32 wireless zones to the system. 


Designed to give property owners maximum flexibility, the system boasts eight partitions.  This allows users to decide on how they want their alarm peripherals grouped, an extremely handy feature for those wanting to arm only the outside detectors while enjoying free movement within their homes or offices.  


With 47 assignable user codes, up to eight keypads, 500 event logs, panic keys and an auto arm feature, the alarm system is not only ideal for homes but also larger environments such as the workplace.  


The control panel, with its four versatile programmable outputs, can be used to activate other devices, such as video verification equipment that allows for the recording of events the moment a zone is triggered. Another output could link the alarm panel to the monitoring station with the use of a long range high powered VHF transmitter or the Bentel BGSM-G alarm communicator. GSM technology is ideal for use as a backup to a traditional PSTN phone line as it guarantees reliable, real-time communication.  The Bentel can also be configured to send event SMS notifications to the property owner and even trigger other home automation equipment if required.


A further add-on feature to the programmable outputs is the Escort voice module, which allows any touch-tone telephone to act as a keypad, thereby allowing users to remotely arm and disarm their full system or individual partitions within the system.




Prepared and submitted by Priyesh Jagjivan

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