25 February 2010

Everybody knows somebody who has been affected by crime in South Africa – not surprising considering that around 2,1 million serious crime cases were opened with the police during 2008/2009.[1]


With stats like these, it’s imperative that the country’s citizens take responsibility for their own security by investing in reliable and efficient protection, says Valerie Bingham, product manager for Elvey Security Technologies.


When it comes to alarm signal transmission, there’s little to touch the performance of the LX20G transmitter, one of Elvey’s latest product acquisitions.  This modern microprocessor, which transmits data real time, can simulate a telephone line (PSTN) with transmission on a GSM voice channel when necessary, explains Ms Bingham.  “In case of telephone line failure or after dialing specific prefix numbers, the device will establish a voice connection with the monitoring station, thereby enabling the highest level of data transmission safety through the use of Contact ID (DTMF), SIA (FSK) or transmission channels such as PSTN, GSM Voice, GPRS and SMS.”


Compatible with most modern alarm systems, she says the LX20G elevates data signal security to new levels using AES standard encryption.  It also reduces alarm system functioning costs with its packet data transfer (GPRS) feature. 


The LX20G transmitter brings to the table a number of benefits for installers as well as end users.  Available as stand-alone components or in sets with metal castings, AC adapters and accumulators, the transmitters come with software which enables the monitoring stations to receive data sent by transmitters over GPRS and SMS channels.  Further, its ability to communicate through the GSM voice channel allows for easy integration with existing monitoring station infrastructures such as MLR2 receivers, ContactID and SIA).


Intelligence-wise, she says the transmitter also impresses.  Capable of logging up to 5000 system events, it’s also able to assist installers in diagnosing problems.  To ensure absolute security, only authorized personnel can access and configure the transmitter and steer text messages. 


To this end, phone input is compatible with DTMF standard (ContactID, Ademco Express).  Alternatively, the transmitter can send text messages to up to five pre-defined cell phone numbers which will immediately be notified of any alarm situation or system error. 

[1] SAPS http://www.saps.gov.za/statistics/reports/crimestats/2009/crime_stats.htm

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