08 January 2010

VisionPrime’s new dome camera “super-clever” says Elvey


VisionPrime has raised the bar in the surveillance technology industry with the launch of its new mini dome camera.


Called the VisionPrime IPE3500-1111, the camera’s superior features include the latest in video analytics, which allows for intelligent information gathering, says Valerie Bingham, Product Manager for Elvey Security Technologies.


Impressed with its multiple features, she says it delivers far more than one would expect from a mini dome security camera.  “The IPE3500-1111 offers a bouquet of benefits such as high resolution 550TV lines and 0.3 Lux low-light level imaging in colour and black and white.  This makes it ideal for use on a wide range of sites, from public areas, office parks and small businesses to schools and universities, bus and train stations.”


Further, its high-performance 1/3” Sony 410k pixel Super-HAD CCD technology combine to deliver enviable image sharpness, she points out.


Also notable is its unique tracking engine.  The heart of its VCA analytics, she says it eliminates the complicated setup associated with other video analytics software, which can have as many as 100 algorithm set-up parameters.  “By contrast, VCA analytics has no algorithm parameters.  Instead, it automatically adjusts to surrounding conditions, which not only simplifies the integration of software into IP cameras but also allows the untrained to set up a surveillance system with ease.”


She continues:  “Through the use of VCA software, the camera becomes an intelligent, information-gathering device, capable of analysing a host of applications such as intrusion detection, vehicle monitoring, abandoned object detection, people counting and loitering detection.  It can even identify system failure and tampering attempts.  The end result is a very sophisticated camera that combines a high level of intelligence with ease of use and affordability.”


Elvey Marketing