11 December 2009

Security on the move from new MobiTech DVR

One of today’s most vital and successful crime fighting tools, CCTV (closed circuit television) is widely – and increasingly - deployed throughout the world in high risk or vulnerable environments.

From banks and shopping malls to schools, residences and even highways, its 24/7 presence serves as a deterrent to would-be criminals while providing peace of mind to owners and users, says Valerie Bingham, Product Specialist for Elvey Security Technologies.

And now, as a result of ongoing research and development in the CCTV market, vehicles can also enjoy the security of real-time, remote surveillance technology.  Says Mrs. Bingham: “The arrival of VisionPrime’s new MobiTech M104 DVR (Digital Video Recorder) in South Africa follows on the successful deployment of mobile DVRs in the USA and other countries.”

Unlike most DVR systems, the MobiTec unit is differentiated by its ability to be directly deployed in challenging out-of-plant or on-road environments.  “It has been specifically designed to withstand serve shock and vibration,” she explains of the hardy, four-channel DVR which also boasts audio input and supported PTZ (point, tilt, zoom) functionality.  “This shock-resistant DVR is therefore perfect for small-to-medium applications such as public buses, trains, taxis and cash-in-transit vehicles where it will record up to 30 frames per second, using either MPEG4 or MJPEG video compression technology.”

The unit can be programmed to record continuously, or on motion or event, explains Mrs. Bingham further.  “Another great benefit is that recorded video data is easily retrievable by time, date or event,” she adds.  “Modern-day surveillance technology supports GPRS, Wi-Fi (wireless network), GSM and dial-up Internet connectivity, which allows for the automatic, real-time transfer of data when the vehicle is stationed within the main server area.  Encrypted video files and images are then easily downloaded through USB (Universal Serial Bus) or Wi-Fi, and video streaming via cellular network.” 

Elvey Marketing