02 December 2009

New Optex sensor exceeds expectations, says Elvey  


Optex, a name synonymous with cutting-edge detection technology, has proudly launched its all-new door sensor to the South African security industry.


A new edition to the Elvey Security Technologies product stable, the Optex OP-08C passive infrared door sensor more than measures up to expectations, says Rory Webber, Elvey’s National Sales Manager.


“Optex, with its thirty-year background in indoor and outdoor detection and infrared technology, has once again delivered a product guaranteed to satisfy its loyal and growing client following,” he asserts.  “Not only is it extremely reliable and simple to install but it is also very versatile, hence its suitability for a wide range of applications. 


According to Mr. Webber, the OP-08C is ideal for light commercial applications.  Its advanced circuitry keeps false activations to a minimum, despite challenging conditions such as bright sunlight, wind, rain, snow and radio frequency noise, all of which are well-known false alarm triggers. 


Another impressive feature is its detection pattern, which consists of 10 individual zones.  As a result, high sensitivity is guaranteed, even for large areas.  To this end, installers interested in increasing the size of the standard detection area can do so simply by rotating the spherical lens on the unit, which will increase the collective footprint of the 10 individual detection zones.


In addition, through the use of area masking seals, Mr. Webber says the detection pattern’s size and shape can be further customized to trigger only the zones that will activate the door.

With its variable mountable height range of up to 4 meters, and its compact and sleek housing, the OP-08C can be recessed, surface- or ceiling-mounted.  Its aesthetic appeal is further enhanced by a choice of black, white or silver housing, which he notes, gives installers added flexibility with regard to installation complexity and site demands.

Elvey Marketing