27 November 2009

SCC-B5223 Super High Resolution DayNight Mini Dome Camera


Elvey welcomes the dawn of new-age surveillance with Samsung’s latest mini dome



The age of the super high resolution day/night mini dome surveillance camera has dawned.


That’s the word from Elvey Security Technologies, which will be adding Samsung’s new SCC-B5223 camera to its blue-chip security product range.


With its multiple features and strengths, it delivers far more than is expected of a security camera, says Valarie Bingham, Elvey’s Product Manager.  Premium features such as high resolution 600TV lines and 0.06 Lux low light level imaging come standard in a luxurious silver casing which fits beautifully into any environment.  It’s therefore ideal for use on a wide range of sites, from office parks and small businesses to schools and universities.”

The camera is equipped with a high performance 1/3” Sony 410k / 470k pixel Super-HAD CCD sensor and the latest motion adaptive digital noise reduction (DNR 3D + 2D) technology, which Mrs Bingham says makes the typical dark gray images clear.  This, coupled with a horizontal resolution of 600TV lines, ensures that resulting image sharpness is unmatched. 

With its super-high resolution and features such as noise reduction from low light, extension of the contrast range and motion adaptive DNR (digital noise reduction), Samsung’s new camera lets analog-savvy integrators and end-users stay in their comfort zones when installing cameras, she notes.  “What makes this possible is its CCVC (Camera Control Via Coaxial Cable) human controller, which because it can easily access the camera menu, saves time and money during installation.  It also means that there’s no longer any need to climb ladders in order to configure a camera.”

Another of the SCC-B5223’s state-of-the-art features is its Extended Dynamic Range (XDR).  This, says Mrs Bingham, is essentially a more sophisticated version of Back Light Compensation (BLC), which allows for the detection of differences in illumination.  “Rather than showing the viewing area at a single luminance level, it is therefore able to increase the range of the luminance in order to prevent any noticeable differences in the pictures.  This highly effective function provides the best image quality in its class with regard to indoor lighting conditions.”

Elvey Marketing