13 November 2009

Anti-terrorism, anti-crime: the Samsung SCC-B2335P



Though South Africa has, to date, never been regarded as a terrorism hotspot, the US Country Report on Counter Terrorism for 2008 says its borders are “highly susceptible to security breaches” – cause for international alarm as 2010 approaches steadily.


One can therefore appreciate the warm welcome given to new products such as the Samsung SCC-B2335P, an A1 Chip camera able to counter the effects of terrorism and other crime, says Valerie Bingham, Product Manager for Elvey Security Technologies. 


“The camera, which uses leading-edge, analogue video technology, is one of the most advanced in its class,” she explains.  “Not only does it feature an impressive 600TV lines of resolution, wide dynamic range functionality, adaptive digital noise reduction and multi-language on-screen display but it also offers built-in analytics for intelligent video tracking which has the potential to save thousands of lives.”


She explains: “Analytics allows the camera to detect objects that have been left untouched for a preprogrammed period of time.  This is critical for counter-terror management considering that bags and suitcases are often used by terrorists to conceal bombs.  By flagging suspicious parcels, steps can be taken to check them out and render dangerous ones harmless.”


Terrorism aside, its super-high resolution will be a boon to the retail sector which depends on sharp imagery for effective point-of-sales monitoring and facial recognition.  She also predicts strong take-up in the business world where older format cameras in lobbies and entrance areas lose detail as a result of lighting contrasts.  “The XDR is able to eliminate lighting differences by increasing the level of visible detail in darker areas.  What’s more, using motion adaptive DNR, it can eliminate noise and greatly reduce motion blur for a clear and distinct image,” she says.


Without doubt, this all-in-one camera is a must for large and small businesses alike.  “In keeping with the growing trend toward using technology to fight crime, it’s also ideal for monitoring staff, visitors and property,” she says.  “And if that isn’t enough, it’s ultra-easy to install and control, thus allowing for significant cost and time saving.”

Elvey Marketing