01 September 2009

Spring in Elvey’s step as it opens Polokwane sales hub


Though the recession continues to eat into the bottom lines of most companies throughout the world, there are always the exceptions that forge ahead with their growth plans, intent on increasing their value-add to customers.


One such exception is Elvey Security Technologies, a proud value-added security distributor which opened its 18th branch in September, coinciding with the official arrival of spring this year. 


Elvey CEO Jack Edery explains the two-fold decision to open another sale hub, this time in Polokwane in Limpopo Province.  “Firstly, the timing is right to usher in a new era of electronic security to Limpopo and secondly, the current economic turmoil has made us even more determined to provide our customers with the world’s best products and the highest levels of service, training and technical support,” as we strive to provide complete peace of mind he says.  “The elements which differentiated the Elvey brand during non-recession times remain firmly in place now and we’re seizing the opportunity to provide Limpopo with the service it deserves.”


Rory Webber, national sales manager for Elvey, says the opening of the new sales hub will bring the company’s expertise closer to its customers, thereby creating a more convenient business partnership with both established security professionals and growing industries in the region.


For local branch manager Bryan Krause, this is good news - not only for local installers but also the region’s mining, industrial and commercial sectors.  “The new sales hub will bring proven security solutions right to the doorstep of our customers, allowing us to service their needs better than ever before,” he says.  “They no longer have the inconvenience of waiting for stock to arrive, which is a big plus.  Another major benefit is that site visits, which could take days to arrange in the past and accordingly spell disaster in the event of major problems, are now a phone call away, thanks to having a sales hub close by.”

Elvey Marketing