18 June 2009

Active guard is an innovative, real-time tour system. It enables workers to easily communicate with the control room via the touch of a button and sends all button data back to control room immediately and directly in real-time using GPRS / GSM data transmission.


Active Guard has a wide range of uses including such things as keeping track of scheduled maintenance workers, tracking employees or contractors “on-site” and “off-site” times and keeping track of employees working alone.


The Active Guard tour system lets your employees or contractors sign on and off a site or a job by utilising the ‘real time’ button system.


They swipe their active guard on the button located at the site entrance / exit or located near the various job areas such as air conditioning vents, boiler rooms etc. and the information of their on-site / off-site times and whereabouts is sent directly to the main office / headquarters.


This is also a handy tool for emergency situations, for example employees working alone that are in trouble can push the panic button and the main headquarters can get their location and send someone to help them. They can also call the Active Guard and have a voice conversation with them to determine the situation.

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