12 June 2009

Using Web access to tighten your company’s security


In the business world, security is of paramount importance, and the first line of security is that of access control; if you have a good access control system, securing the vital elements of your business is that much simpler.


The new GSC ProxNet-Pro system is designed to tighten security at a large organisation while at the same time making control of that security that much easier for the security manager.


An advanced version of the original ProxNet system, the new version supports up to

10 000 Controllers, 25 000 Readers and 20 000 Card Holders, making it ideal for those businesses that have multiple offices or disparate sites that need to be controlled from a centralised security office.


According to Zane Greeff, Technical Director for Elvey Security Technologies, the sole distributor of GSC products, a major departure from the previous system is that ProxnetPro is a Web-based product, meaning that all programming, viewing of data and reports are available on the network using a standard Web browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer.


No special software is required at the user’s PC, just a standard Web browser, although for security reasons, every user is required to log-in with a username and password, and each user’s access to the data is fully configurable,” Greeff says.


Triggers are a new set of features built into this system, and these allow for specific output actions to be created, based on input events. For example, the system can be configured with schedules for locking and unlocking doors based on time or other conditions.”


Other uses for these triggers could be things like car park control, allowing one to define a system variable and then allow or deny access to the parking area based on the value of this variable; it could be used to arm or disarm an alarm based on an area count, a designated card or access at specified reader; it could switch air conditioners or lights on and off based on time or access transactions.


Another improvement is the development of an Anti-Passback control, which prevents people from simply passing back their access tags to another person in order to both gain access from a single card.

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