06 April 2009

Elvey fights “Red Gold Rush” with RSI outdoor cam


The increase in value of South Africa’s commodities, specifically copper, has created new opportunities for criminals and accordingly a major new security headache which is likely to be compounded by the current economic slowdown.


So says Michael Brett, national sales manager for Elvey Security Technologies, who sees rising job losses leading to an increase in criminal theft of copper for scrap.


Already hard-hit by copper theft are the country’s electrical utility substations, cell phone towers and construction sites which all use large amounts of copper wire for electrical grounding and transmission, he explains.  “What makes it easier for these thefts to take place undetected is that these facilities are often located in remote areas.”


Copper theft has reached such alarmingly high levels that it has been dubbed the ‘Red Gold Rush’, continues Brett, whose company is regularly called upon to supply solutions to concerned entities and victims.    


To this end, Brett recommends the award-winning Videofied wireless outdoor video security system by RSI Video Technologies.


Zane Greeff, technical director for Elvey Security Technologies explains how it works:  “When an intruder trips the motion sensor, the integrated night vision camera takes a 10-second video while the Videofied alarm communicator sends an AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) signal over a secured cellular network to a monitoring station, cell phone or email address.  Because the system makes use of AES encrypted wireless technology, the signal is assured of optimum integrity and security.  Those at the monitoring station will immediately see what is happening and dispatch the police or armed response to the site.”


Fully waterproof, the anti-tamper camera boasts CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) black and white sensors, an 85 degree, wide angle lens and 320 x 240 pixel video resolution.  Greeff is impressed by the camera’s two infrared LEDs, which provide night illumination up to an impressive 12 metres.  He’s also impressed with its PIR (passive infrared) ability to detect movement and then activate the sophisticated Fresnel lens to begin recording in less than 100 milliseconds.  “This ensures that site security is not compromised,” he says.


Additional peace of mind, says Greeff, comes from the Outdoor P-CAM’s ability to communicate to the central monitoring station every 8 seconds, indicating both tamper state and battery status.  What’s more, the unit’s battery life, even under the most severe conditions, could be as much as two years, he concludes.

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