02 February 2009

Samsung’s new SmartDome gets a hero’s welcome from Elvey

It’s intelligent, it’s easy to install and it’s capable of adapting to a range of environmental conditions.

This is how Kenny Chiu, marketing manager of Elvey Security Technologies, describes the new 36x Optical Zoom SmartDomeTM camera system SCC-C7478 from Samsung Electronics, which he says will revolutionise CCTV (closed circuit television) monitoring.

“We are proud to introduce that the new system, which offers uncompromised surveillance for a wide variety of CCTV applications, has joined our stable of premier products,” says Chiu. “Not only does it excel in its delivery of sharp, high resolution images but it’s easily installed anywhere. And it copes magnificently with environmental changes around it.”

According to Chiu, the high-performance camera has been designed to achieve superior resolution of 540 TV lines, using full digital image processing and special algorithm technologies.

Empowered by 360º endless Pan and 180º Tilt functions, it operates at high speed to a maximum of 360º/seconds, he continues. “Its performance is made all the more remarkable with its 432x power zoom (36x Optical, 12x Digital) and auto focus functions, which make object identification easier than ever before.”

Explaining its modus operandi in more detail, he says its intelligent, micro-stepping technology allows for one step angle to be divided by 256 segments. “This translates to high accuracy as well as ultra-low speeds down to 0.05º/second for high-zooming operations,” he tells.

For day-night applications, Chiu says the SCC-C7478 delivers optimal picture quality via a moving-filter for true Day/Night function where objects can be identified even in dark environments. “Further,” he notes, “dwell time can be set respectively from day to night and from night to day. And, using unique True Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) 160x technology, the camera will produce clear, sharp images over a wide range of illumination levels.”

Additional features include built-in cooling fans and ring-defroster, enabling the camera to withstand harsh outdoor conditions such as rain, dust and cold. “In fact,” he says, “it has an IP-66 compliant rating, which means it can provide the highest level of weather (-45ºC ~ 50ºC) and vandal resistance.”


Elvey Marketing