09 July 2008

Elvey and Prastel Introduce Early-Warning Beam Security Solution

Elvey Security Technologies, in association with Prastel, are proud to introduce the latest in boundary protection technology, the powerful FSLIMRF05 beam, which provides the user with an ideal early-warning preventive security solution.

An easy-to-install, small-section barrier implementation, designed for the protection of windows, balconies and doors, it is also available in a battery-powered wireless version - useful in today’s climate of Eskom-related power outages - that offers multi-beam integrated electronics and a connection to all wireless alarm systems.

The solution provides a compact one or two-beam, barrier that offers a number of ranges, including 60m, 150m, and 250m effective barriers with coded optical synchronism, with four different emission frequencies for the protection of wall boundaries. While it can be used as it is, there is also an option for fitting the beam inside stylish ground- or wall-mountable, anodised aluminium columns.

For even greater installation flexibility, the unit is available in a variety of sizes, from 0.5m to 3m, in order to allow it to be adapted to suit a client’s specific needs. The special shape of the caps ensures a sealed fixing and allows it to be mounted flush against the wall when used externally. To prevent tampering, the unit is firmly secured by means of screws, O-rings and plugs that are specially shaped to make the unit ideal for outdoor applications.

A single basic unit consists of a master card to make up a two-beam barrier, which may be expanded to include additional FSLIMPLUS expansion beams that can be added to the solution up to a maximum of eight. The additional beams can be freely positioned inside the profile, allowing the installer to adjust the beams to suit any installation or application.

Elvey Security Technologies is the sole recognised distributor of Prastel products in Southern Africa and will happily answer any queries that you may have. For more information about the product, or for an assessment or an obligation free quote of your security needs, please contact your nearest Elvey branch or log on to our Web site at http://www.elvey.co.za/.

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