27 June 2008

Elvey Security Technology introduces GE Security’s designer keypad for the modern home

With four arrow keys, the NX-1048-R-W allows the user to navigate through either a quick or an advanced user menu, while the eight additional function keys make operating the control panel a very user-friendly experience.

The keypad has been designed with a modern shape, making it easy to fit into every home, even those where design principles are vitally important. The keypad is uniquely designed and is able to provide system and zone status information at all times, without going in standby mode.

In order to increase battery life, the NX1048-R-W is designed with independent battery sets - two standard AA batteries for the backlight and a further four for the operation of the keypad. However, only the keypad lighting and LCD display is switched off after a 30 seconds delay. The LCD display itself has two 16 character LCD displays, as well as an icon display that indicates the system condition in an attractive and clear manner.

The NX-1048-R-W allows location-driven programming and programming via menu structure. During the installation phase, a choice of four out of 12 languages can be assigned to the keypad, while the advanced light guide structure ensures the LCD and keys are lit for day or night use. Even in places where lighting is poor, the display has an excellent performance.

Keeping with the user-friendly theme, the bracket that accompanies the keypad is also removable; if the wireless keypad is not in use, this can be taken out whenever needed. The wireless keypad itself uses the 868 MHz Gen2 technology, making it compatible with the NX-10 range of panels.

Elvey Security Technologies is a proud recognised distributor of GE NetworX products in Southern Africa and will happily answer any queries that you may have. For more information about the product, or for an assessment or an obligation free quote of your security needs, please contact your nearest Elvey branch or log on to our Web site at http://www.elvey.co.za/.

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