06 May 2008

Prepare for A Ride as Elvey and Ferrari Team Up!

Elvey Security Technologies invites its clients to experience the thrills and excitement associated with brand Ferrari, following the news that Elvey will play a sponsorship role with Pablo Clark Racing.

“Not only does this sponsorship tie our strong and efficient security brand to the equally strong Ferrari brand, but it also means that our customers could now be in line to experience some fantastic motor racing first hand,” says Elvey’s CEO, Jack Edery.

“For example, we will have VIP race tickets to give away, as well as Ferrari gear and even a chance for some lucky people to experience a half day Ferrari driver’s course – much like those that the real race drivers undergo early in their careers.”

Edery says that Elvey’s association with Ferrari should not come as a major surprise, since Ferrari prides itself on being amongst the forerunners in terms of technological advancements, something that Elvey aims for as well, every time it launches a new range of security products.

The company will continue in this vein at the forthcoming Securex 2008 exhibition – taking place between 25 and 27 June - where it will be launching two new wireless security systems from two of the world’s leading electronic security equipment manufacturers.

“The DSC 9045 and the GE NX-10 are designed to offer the greatest possible benefits to both the installer and the client,” says Edery.

“For any installation company, the number of installations one can complete on a daily basis can often determine the level of income for that company, and since the wireless security systems are able to reduce installation time significantly, depending on the complexity of the installation, they are ideally suited to the installer, as this means they can install more solutions on any given day.”

“On the other hand, the end-user also benefits, as they get the best quality systems available while no longer needing to worry about issues such as intrusive cabling or installers drilling through walls.”

Edery likens the speed of a wireless installation of this nature to that of the speed of the Italian racing car specialists, Formula One World Champions six times in the past eight years.

“Also, just like Ferrari’s sleek and modern designs that are backed by world class technologies that have seen them win the Constructors’ Championship the same number of times in that period, our new wireless systems are not only packed with great features but also have an aesthetically pleasing and modern design.”

“Security is undoubtedly a game of precision and one which is enhanced by engineering our products with perfection in mind – yet another reason why Elvey feels it is ideally suited to be amongst the Ferrari team’s sponsors. These are all traits that can be found in any one of the Italian company’s vehicles,” he says.

He further points to the fact that the Ferrari brand and its distinctive prancing horse logo is not only unique, but is recognised around the world as a symbol of quality and craftsmanship, attributes that Elvey Security Technologies aspires to equally as strongly.

“However, it must be remembered that while Ferrari is an extremely powerful brand on a global basis, it is nonetheless an organisation that never forgets its fans, regardless of how small or insignificant a particular fan may seem, and that is the true essence of Ferrari’s team spirit.”

“We at Elvey feel that this is one of the most important attributes to align ourselves to, and it is for this reason that we will never be unapproachable to our clients and will happily work with you to deliver on all your security needs, regardless of how small or big your particular business may be,” concludes Edery.

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