01 April 2008

No concerns about safety with Ebelco Bel-600LED magnetic lock

Elvey Security Technologies (Elvey) is proud to introduce the latest addition to the Ebelco electro-magnetic locks product range, the Bel-600 electro magnetic lock with light emitting diode (LED).

According to Dean Fynn a member of the Elvey’s technical team, the Bel-600LED magnetic lock is extremely durable ensuring reliability. It is also discreet, as you cannot tell by its appearance whether or not the lock is electrically actuated.

Fynn says that the magnetic lock’s LED is fitted with a green/red light that indicates when the door is open and closed or when there is no input and the unit utilises a 12/24 VDC voltage input, with a low current consumption rate perfect in SA where power conservation is rapidly becoming vital.

“It is constructed with a magnetic bond-sensor, the door is powerfully fixed when the magnet is energised firmly holding the steel plate but it also easily releases when the power supply is cut off” he says.

It is installed with anti-tamper jam nuts that provide a secure fixing that cannot easily be tampered with. These help to tackle opportunistic theft and vandalism and have many useful preventative applications

Possessing a holding force that can with stand 600 pounds of pressure the Bel-600LED clearly discourages unwarranted entry and the lock be can be widely used for exit and entry control applications. Also, with no moving parts the lock does not need regular maintenance.

Elvey Security Technologies is a proud distributor of Ebelco products. For more information about the product, or an obligation free quote or assessment of your security needs please contact your nearest Elvey branch or log on to our Website at http://www.elvey.co.za/

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