08 April 2008

The latest release from Optex is the MX-40QZ, a beautifully orchestrated device with new microwave and state of the art PIR technology that ensures extremely high false alarm protection coupled with excellent tolerance to detect changes from curtains and small animals.

The microwave technology has a built-in Anti-Crosstalk system designed to avert interference from other microwaves, while the Noise Reduction Circuit cancels out interference from sound in order to prevent unwanted alarms enhancing its detection performance. The unit has a striking lodging that incorporates the Optex spherical lens design, which is robust and maximises the performance of the Quad Zone Logic this is able to accurately distinguish between humans and other sources of infrared, ensuring consistent detection across diverse range of applications.

The device is also easily installed as it has a microwave range selector that allows for a simple two step adjustment, setting it to either short or long-range detection, sensitivity according to the room size. This means that not only does it offer unparalleled security, but it also means that making adjustments during installation is simple and less time consuming.

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