20 March 2008

Introducing new age DVRs, the new Samsung SHR-2160P

Samsung Electronics, a global leader in digital surveillance equipment, continues to lead from the front as it introduces the new 16-channel SHR-2160P Digital Video Recorder (DVR).

The Samsung SHR-2160P consists of 16-channel digital video recorders that are capable of a 120 image per second (ips) real-time recording rate in CIF mode. Each channel provides a variable image compression setting to save hard disk drive consumption through MPEG4 (video) and ADPCM (audio) . The unit also records four-channel synchronised audio and with an external USB 2.0 interface, it can back up data via USB memory, external HDD, CD-RW and DVD-RW.

Exhibiting advanced technology such as monitoring over Internet Protocol (IP), this DVR is ideal for the control room environment and in particular for business owners, as they have unlimited access to images from their PCs through various connections, such DSL/Cable Network and Dynamic Domain Name Servers (DDNS).

With the ability to set up several motion detection areas, the DVR automatically records all movement detected by each channel, thus providing maximum security. The detectors’ sensitivity can be adjusted from low to high, with the high sensitivity setting resulting in a more prompt reaction to movement. The camera also has an outstanding event monitoring function that simultaneously sets up alarm, video loss and motion detection when multiple cameras are connected to a main monitor.

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