04 February 2008

Samsung Electronics has announced that it was selected as a video security equipment vendor of Royal Caribbean International, one of the largest cruise companies in the world.

Accordingly, Samsung will provide high-resolution (2 megapixel) IP camera to 29 cruises operated by Royal Caribbean for security use. The company plans to install the camera from this December and finish by next year.

In terms of a large-scale cruise, it needs more than 100 high-resolution security cameras per one ship. As a result, about 3000 security cameras will be installed through this contract.

Royal Caribbean International is the company operating the Freedom of the seas, well known as the most luxurious cruise in the world. The Freedom of the seas started to be operated in 2006 and its size is 160,000 ton, third times larger than the Titanic. It can accommodate as many as 4,300 people at one time and about
300,000 passengers are using this ship annually. Samsung Electronics provided 2,000 LCD TVs when this ship started the operation last year Royal Caribbean